Superior Precast Products offers you the opportunity to add class and beauty easily with our standard profiles. We are pleased to present standard profiles of copings, sills, banding and caps which allow shorter lead times and set pricing.

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Coping: Standard Profile
Coping is a popular decorative component that acts as a cap on the top of buildings, retaining walls, wing walls and enclosures. Along with protecting a wall from the elements, coping gives a striking appearance as it highlights the top of wherever it is placed.

Banding: Standard Profile
Banding is one of the most cost-effective ways to add charm and class to a masonry building. When banding is tactfully placed on a masonry wall it can alter an otherwise plain building into a radiant one.

Window Sills: Standard Profile: S1 & S4 | Standard Profile: S2 & S3 | Standard Profile: S5 & S7
Cast Stone window sills are a simple and inexpensive way to accent a masonry structure. Cast stone absorbs little water compared to other masonry units and therefore reduces the potential for maintenance issues.

Pier Caps/Column Covers: Standard Profile: Pier Caps | Standard Profile: Ball Caps
Caps are a simple and decorative way to protect and to top off a masonry pier. We stock both flat and slopped shapes and styles.

Keystones: Standard Profile
These pieces add a final touch of embellishment to the top of arch or window opening.

Address Blocks: Standard Profile
These units are a simple way to add a touch of appeal to an entry way.

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From fancy entryways and intricate arches to signage and columns, Superior Precast Products provides you with the opportunity for your ideas to come to life. We are pleased to work with the designer’s artistic abilities to create specific units to suit the needs of a particular project.

Door Surrounds/Arches:
The elegant design of a fancy entryway or archway will give your building a larger formal appearance making an otherwise plain setting the focal point.

The use of medallions and signage will give your building a sense of permanency. From corporate logos to school mascots, cast stone can help give your building a much needed image that lasts.

Charming and elegant, prestigious symbols known as balustrades and columns are a timeless form of beauty in classical architecture and are often used to decorate an entrance, landscape or interior area.

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Standard Colors:

  • 100 Old Limestone
  • 102 Limestone
  • 110 Light Buff
  • 205 Light Grey
  • 252 Desert Sand
  • 247 Smoke Grey

Custom Colors:

  • Superior Precast Products has the ability to manufacture a wide range of custom colors.
    Please contact us at 269.344.7690 for details and a color kit.